Strategic Plan Revealed

Nalafem Launches First Strategic Plan

On Monday, October 24, 2022 Nala Feminist Collective (Nalafem) launched the inaugural five-year strategy (2023-2027).

The virtual event was broadcasted live on Nalafem social media and co-created by an outstanding panel of speakers to announce and endorse Nalafem’s strategy and roadmap for the next five years.

Nalafem Founder and Chair, Aya Chebbi shared on her journey of founding Nalafem during the Generation Equality Forum on 1st July 2021. “This is not just a document, it’s about organizing as feminists with three strategic goals: Leading accountability mechanisms,  Investing in social economic power of African women and girls and Rising African women and girls  into politics ” she said.

Nalafem has the mission to Foster, Embolden and Mobilize (FEM) African women and girls to take charge in the continent. To achieve Nala’s mission, Aya emphasized that coalition work is central to creating the needed systemic change. “Our goal is to grow our collective into a multigenerational alliance,” she said.

The feminist leaders and change makers who contributed to the launch event accentuated Aya’s call for African movement building.

Emma Theophelus, MP, Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Technology in Namibia and Nalafem Council Member, stated the need to collaborate and advocate for the inclusion of young women in positions of decision making as embraced in Nalafem’s strategic goals. Having African women in leadership positions will naturally contribute  to re-writing the stigmatized narratives about the continent.  “Women demonstrate political leadership by working across party lines, championing gender equality laws and electoral laws. These issues are supported by the Nalafem strategy,” Emma said.


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Thoughts of Gender Equality Champions on the Nalafem strategy

Our speakers shared their vision on Nalafem’s journey and impact,  and their perspectives on the plight of women and girls in Africa.

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Pamela Munemo, a Nalafem grant awardee, was grateful to Nalafem for creating a platform for young women in the continent where they can organize and drive their local agendas with a global mindset.

Olufunke Baruwa from Ford Foundation, commended Nalafem for fostering a generation of young feminist movement with a sustainability plan to organize in Africa. “We want to export our organizing and build feminist movements at national and local levels,” she said.

The speakers commended Nalafem for the intergenerational transference of power and ideology that  promotes intergenerational co-leadership, one of Africa Young Women B+25 Manifesto demands.

Rosebell Kagumire, Nalafem Council Member, Human Rights Defender and Feminist writer, recalled the journey of the Council members in drafting the strategy in Abuja. She called on women and girls to tell and document their stories as a critical contribution to the feminist written history. Earlier this year Nalafem launched its first book I am Nala: The I AM NALA book is an artistic advocacy tool that amplifies  powerful and empowering stories of African women and falls under the Nalafem culture flagship project.

Caroline Ngonze from UNAIDS, highlighted how HIV/AIDS and the COVID-19 pandemic had affected the wellbeing of African women and girls in Africa. In 2021, six out of seven new HIV infections in Africa were girls. The rise of HIV infections is caused by a  lack of access to sexual reproductive health programming and information, adding to women and girls already existing vulnerabilities. “We need feminist approaches in tackling these challenges, and Nalafem is leading the way,” she said.

Crystal Ikanih-Musa from Malala Fund echoed Nalafem’s call for ensuring the voices of African women and girls to be heard, “we look forward to helping you implement this strategic plan.

Purity Kagwiria from Purposeful organization, shared an overview on the impact of her organization’s partnership with Nalafem. This year Purposeful partnered with Nalafem in the Activists’ awards in Nigeria, generation equality forum advocacy and general operations support. She affirmed the organization’s long term commitment to support Nalafem, “initiatives like Nalafem need support, we are listening and are keen to hear how they define their needs so that we can support them to thrive,” she said.

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