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The Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto is a groundbreaking feminist political document that sets out critical issues of concern for young women of Africa and makes demands for addressing them. The Manifesto is the result of grassroots approach of Five Regional Barazas convened by the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy with over 30 partners brought together over 1500 young people from across 44 African countries co-creating 10  demands:

Between March – 21 June 2021, NalaFem embarked on a strategic campaign aiming to collect 10.000 signatures for the Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto. Following are some outcomes of the campaign.

Nalafem Collective, 10000 signatures campaign, 105 countries
Nalafem Collective, 10000 signatures campaign, Online Campaign
Nalafem Collective, 10000 signatures campaign, Offline Signatures by Country
Nalafem Collective, 10000 signatures campaign, Offline signatures by Gender

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Manifesto Partners

We are grateful to over 30 partners that co-hosted the 5 Regional Barazas and mobilized the participation of 1,500 young people from 44 African countries resulting in the development of the groundbreaking Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto.

Nalafem Collective, Manifesto Partners

Campaign Partners

As part of NalaFem’s outreach undertaken for the manifesto campaign and beyond, 38 organisations and initiatives on the Africa continent, North America and Europe were contacted.

Nalafem Collective, 10000 campaign Partners
Nala Feminist Collective - Economic justice
Nala Feminist Collective - Gender base violence
Nala Feminist Collective - Ending gender discrimination
Nala Feminist Collective - Justice and protection
Nala Feminist Collective - SRHR
Nala Feminist Collective - Inclusive, equitable and quality education
Nala Feminist Collective - Digital justice
Nala Feminist Collective - Mental health and well-being
Nala Feminist Collective - Intergenerational co-leadership
Nala Feminist Collective - Silencing the guns
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