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Welcome to the I AM Nala Podcast, brought to you by Nala Feminist Collective, where we discuss changes needed towards the liberation of African Women & Girls.

This podcast is hosted by Aya Chebbi, Founder of Nala Feminist Collective, and former African Union Youth Envoy.

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About Episode 1

Omnia El Omrani: A Guide to Your First COP Conference

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what you can do at COP27?
There’s a lot happening at the conference each year, and if you’re new to it, today’s guest will help ease some of that stress and guide you through what you can do to get the most out of COP27.

About Episode 2

Vanessa Nakate: Creating Action, Not Just Commitments

There are millions of people suffering in Africa every day because of the real consequences of climate change. Action needs to be taken TODAY, not just commitments.
The impact of climate change is happening to Africa now, and it’s not getting any better. We need our leaders not just to say they are going to create change, but we need action, and plans set into place today because lives are at risk.

About Episode 3

Susan Wairimu & Mthembukazi Bavuma: Providing the Platform for Young Climate Activists

Giving young activists the platform to spread their message is more important than ever in the age of social media, and the new generation of climate change.
In previous COP conferences, there has been a severe lack of young people attending the negotiations that will affect our planet for generations to come. This is the year it changes!

About Episode 4

Tessy Yue Li & Zuhura Ahmad: Bringing People Together at COP 27

Today we’re talking with Tessy Yue Li, a young climate justice activist, and co-founder of Y-IDEA, Youth Intra-Dialogue on Europe and Africa, and Zuhura Ahmad, CBD women program lead at Tanzania Biodiversity Organization, co-founder at Tanzanian Youth Biodiversity Network, and a science teacher.

Aya, Tessy, and Zuhura talk about how we can integrate more gender diversity into this year’s COP, as well as what the different global leaders can do. It’s hard to be a bit disappointed each year when not enough action is being taken, but continuing to fight, and advocate for the change that’s needed is how we get through this.

About Episode 5

Bogolo Kenewendo: Providing Economic Equity in Africa

Today we’re talking with Bogolo Kenewendo, a Botswanan global economist and politician with deep expertise in international trade and development. She focuses particularly on Pan-African development and a passion for accelerating digitization and innovation across the continent.

About Episode 6

Hajer Sharief: Silencing The Guns in Africa

Today we’re talking with Hajer Sharief , Peace & Human Rights defender, Co-founder of Together We Build It. She focuses particularly on youth peace and security and women peace and security agendas.

Aya and Hajer talk about demand 9 of B+25 manifesto on Silencing the Guns and how young women can be part of decision making in peace and security frameworks, peace talks and negotiations.

About Episode 7

Yasmine Ouirhrane: Ending Gender Discrimination

Today we’re talking to Yasmine Ouirhrane, founder of We Belong and Young European of the Year 2019. She is shaping the discourse of a more hopeful, tolerant Europe. Her numerous projects promote gender equality, better opportunities for refugees and the representation of young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Aya and Yasmine talk about demand 3 of B+25 manifesto on Ending Gender Discrimination especially in the context of the diaspora.

About Episode 8

Rosebell Kagumire: Access to Justice and Protection

Today we’re talking with Rosebell Kagumire , a writer, campaigner, pan-African feminist and multimedia communications strategist. Aya and Rosebell talk about demand 4 of B+25 manifesto on Access to Justice and Protection.

About Episode 9

Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Write like no one is reading

Today we’re talking with Yassmin Abdel-Magied , a Sudanese-Australian writer, engineer and award-winning social advocate. Aya and Yassmin talk about demand 7 of B+25 manifesto on Education.

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