About Nala Feminist Collective

Nala Feminist Collective (Nalafem) is a Pan-African front of feminist leaders with a mission to Foster, Embolden and Mobilize (FEM) women and girls from Africa and the Diaspora for transformative feminist change.

We use multi-track diplomacy, advocacy and our united voice to bridge the gaps between policy and implementation, intergovernmental and grassroots as well as generational spaces.

Welcome to our community of changemakers.

Our Theory of Change

The Nalafem cycle for transformation 2020 – 2030 comprises 4Cs phases: Creation, Capacity, Change, and Consciousness.

2020 – 2021 : Creation Phase

consists of creating demand for change by positioning Nalafem to strategically advocate for B+25 Manifesto engaging diverse stakeholders, decision-makers, women and youth in the Collective’s advocacy.

2022 : Capacity Phase

consists of emboldening people to act by creating a community of Council, Secretariat, and Stakeholders.

2023 – 2027 : Change Phase

consists of behavioral change focused on the implementation of Nalafem five year strategy.

2025 – 2030 : Consciousness Phase

consists of catalyzing consistent action leading to the institutionalization process.

About our Strategic Plan

We are proud to present to you our first 5 year strategic plan following a rigorous process of analyzing the Africa we live in, unpacking the challenges African women and girls face today, undertaking in-country advocacy missions across the continent, listening in multigenerational spaces and interrogating how we will make a difference.

We came together as Nala Council on 27-30 June 2022 in Abuja for our first Council Retreat to challenge each other and build a strong foundation for the collective.

On our one year anniversary on 1st July 2022, we reflected on our progress and realized that we need to double down on our advocacy with focused priorities. We know we can create the most impact as a collective through three strategic goals; Accountability, Politics, and Socio-Economic Powers, which underpin our work for the next five years.

2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan Goals

What do we Want to Achieve?

Building on the success of our campaign to include 8 out of the 10 demands, from 2023 to 2027 we will advocate for the realization of B+25 Manifesto and GEF commitments.

Strategic Goal 1: Accountability on Africa Young Women B+25 Manifesto

Nalafem aims at leading accountability work on the implementation of international, regional and national instruments and commitments that are key in achieving gender justice such as the Maputo Protocol and the 5-year journey of Generation Equality and the Action Coalitions commitments. The focus for our advocacy is supporting member states to implement the B+25 Manifesto. As such, Nalafem aims at bridging the gap between policy and implementation, making sure young feminists are at the forefront.

Strategic Goal 2: Investing in Socio- Economic Power of African Women and Girls

Nalafem aims at supporting the work of women and girls in alignment with the 10 demands of the B+25 Manifesto. Through Nalafem, we undertake strategic interventions to invest in individual and collective actions for gender justice. We provide financial and technical support to ensure girls’ financial freedom is key to improving their lives and livelihoods. Moreover, we invest in our own collective, council, staff and network so that we can meet increasing demands for our work.

Strategic Goal 3: Rising Young African Women into Politics

Nalafem aims at advancing substantive representation and increasing the meaningful participation, leadership and decision-making power of women and girls. We aim to advance gender parity and the inclusion of women who are historically marginalized in all aspects, sectors and levels of public and economic decision-making, especially in political and government institutions,  as well as in executive and legislative positions. This will also bridge the generational gap in decision making and influence policy and practices in philanthropy directed to the feminist agenda.

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