Frequently Asked Questions

The Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto is a groundbreaking feminist political document that sets out critical issues of concern for young women of Africa and makes demands for addressing them.

The Manifesto was drafted and published during the term of Ms. Aya Chebbi as the African Union Youth Envoy. It was endorsed by the leaders of Generation Equalization Forums, such as Ambassador Delphine O, by Phumzile Mlambo-Ngucka, Executive Director of UN Women, Madame Bineta Diop, Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security at the African Union, among others.

Moreover, the legitimacy of the manifesto was set out by the young women and men who have voiced and advocated for their demands to be heard.

The Manifesto is the result of five Regional Barazas that convened over 1500 young people from across 44 African countries and over 30 partners from October 12 to October 30, 2020.  

The Manifesto sets the demands for Generation Equality Forums. African young women are calling for change. The manifesto holds government and civil society accountable.

We currently do not have open membership for the NALA Feminist Collective. However, we would appreciate your support for our work and advocacy. Engage with us on socials, and help us disseminate your manifesto. 

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