Connecting Climate and Social Justice Leaving No One Behind

Sharm El-Sheikh, November 17, 2022

On November 16, 2022, Nalafem took part in the roundtable “Connecting climate and social justice leaving no one behind” at the SDG Pavilion, as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), currently held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

On the occasion of launching the ZOVU, a platform that allows activists to connect and learn about different approaches to similar problems, and supports community and citizen actions; activists from Africa, Asia and Latin America, were invited to discuss the challenges they encounter while defending climate and social justice. The five activists Siouar Doss, Nala Feminst Collective (Africa), Andela Mendes, Chico Mendes Committee (Brazil), Halima Nyota, Social Justice Movement (Kenya), Disha Ravi, Fridays For Future (India) and Alejandra Téllez, Climalab (Colombia), also shared their community stories, discussed and presented the methods they use to demonstrate impact.


The roundtable discussed different types of organization and tactics that social change advocates follow and implement, in order to create impact and reach social justice within their communities. It highlighted the importance of storytelling in all its forms (written, visual and oral) to advocates for those who are suffering and do not have access to platforms.

Nalafem Coordinator, Siouar Doss started her talk by emphasizing on sharing the same vision as Zovu’s of reinforcing new actions and facilitating activist’s work in order to involve more advocates and encourage citizen actions. She presented the Nalafem work approach as a collective uniting individuals together in one agenda regardless of their philosophies or ideologies, and using multi-track diplomacy. Siouar also stressed on the importance of solidarity, integrational and cross-generational conversations, involving youth and supporting youth-led initiatives, and providing support to other activists and community members in order to achieve our advocacy goals. Hence, a platform that brings change makers together to work collectively is very needed for the demands to become reality.

About Zovu:
Zovu is a platform supporting community and citizen action to build a more just and sustainable world, aiming at contributing to a future where sustainability, social justice and environmental protection are guaranteed. It allows activists to connect with one another and learn about different approaches to similar problems, believing that nobody will fix the world alone and that knowledge sharing and collaboration are key in the journey towards a just society and a healthy planet. Zovu aims to facilitate this by promoting joint efforts and the transfer of know-how among groups.
Visit the website: Zovu

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