PRESS RELEASE – Nala Feminist Collective at COP27

Egypt, November 13, 2022

Believing that young feminists have an essential role in achieving climate justice, Nala Feminist Collective (Nalafem) is bringing a strong delegation of eight  young African women advocates to participate at  the UN Conference of Parties 27th Session Conference (COP27), in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt between 9 to 15 November 2022

Extremely active in the fields of women’s rights and climate justice, the eight advocates;  Insaf Abdelmoula (Tunisia), Susan Wavinya Wairimu (Kenya), Victorine Nchokuno Ngimou (Cameroon), Mthembukazi Zinyanda Layola Bavuma (South Africa), Zuhura Ahmadi Shaweji (Tanzania), Joanita Babirye (Uganda), Esther Gabriella Kaunda (Malawi), Siouar Douss (Tunisia- Nalafem Coordinator) have arrived to Sharm El-Sheikh aiming at experience sharing, learning, lobbying, and maximizing the impact of the conference to reach climate and gender justice.

Nalafem strongly believes that people who are most affected by climate change should be provided with a platform to voice their views during negotiations with zero exclusion, and that COP27 is an opportunity for young feminists to address climate change issues in Africa at a global level. The Nalafem delegation is bringing together a systematic approach that emphasizes community-led, cooperation, coalition-building, intersectionality, and solidarity to achieve climate justice.

The Nalafem Delegation participation at COP27 is aligned with the “African Feminists Taskforce for COP27” that launched a set of demands to be addressed during the conference, in order to ensure that African feminists’ perspectives, demands, goals, and vision are emphasised. The 27 demands cover six key areas of concern: women’s and youth leadership in climate processes, an equitable energy transition, climate finance, land rights, just technology, and intersectionality and interlinkages across development work streams.

About Nalafem:
Nala Feminist Collective (Nalafem) is a Pan-African front of feminist leaders with a mission to Foster, Embolden and Mobilize (FEM) women and girls from Africa and the Diaspora for transformative feminist change. The Collective uses multi-track diplomacy, advocacy and united voice to bridge the gaps between policy and implementation, intergovernmental and grassroots as well as generational spaces.
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