The Nala Feminist Collective secretariat is composed of a committed Africa-based team whose work focuses in driving the digital visibility of Nala, as well as executing the strategic direction provided by the Nala Young Women Council to ensure inclusion in political and grassroots spaces.


Syeda Re’em Hussain
CoordinatorNala Feminist Collective

Neil N. Malilwe_ Nala Feminist Collective_

Neil N. Malilwe
Digital Strategy Advisor
Nala Feminist Collective

Anita Graham, Social Media Manager, Nala Feminist Collective

Anita Graham
Social Media ManagerNala Feminist Collective

Nathan Malilwe - Nala Feminist Collective_Small

Nathan Malilwe
Graphic DesignerNala Feminist Collective

Owden Godson, Webmaster, Nala Feminist Collective

Owden Godson
Nala Feminist Collective

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